The need for Telecom specialists is high. Speed and innovation are crucial. Projects and clients increasingly require flexible capacity and expertise for the execution.

GRITT PROJECTS turnkey projects in Telecom & Utility and Building Construction and Renovation.

Our offering model:

There are four ways to tackle our offering model.

1. Pay per time unit: We deliver first-class consulting services on a specific need and with a dedicated expert consultant’s time
2. Services & Engineering: In order for our clients to focus more on their core-business we have developed this offering which combines engineering skills and project management. With our can-do attitude, we deliver hands-on technical profiles and expert project managers.
3. Implementation: At GRITT PROJECTS, we are not afraid to take responsibility and ownership of a project. We are your partner in this project and payment is arranged per deliverable.
4. Lean End to End Deployment and Support (LEDs): Our most complete offering, our Turn Key offering, assists our partner on a range of specialized and selected topics:

Focus on your business and let GRITT PROJECTS help you to tackle your non-core projects!


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TEC Projects is now GRITT Projects

We recently adopted a new brand lifestyle, becoming part of GRITT. Wait, what’s that?

GRITT is a shiny new network of technical innovators with a sharp eye for people and their talents. As an innovative outsourcing- and project management agency, GRITT will incorporate TEC Projects, ETA, TEC and Logi-technic. It’s why we’re getting a naming update, becoming GRITT Projects.

Good news, that’s all we’ll be changing for now. Our services, people and know-how will stay in place. More updates on GRITT to follow soon.