With an experience of over 20 years in rollout of 2, 3, 4G, Tetra, Wifi, µWave and IoT networks, GRITT PROJECTS is your turnkey partner for 5G.

With an experienced onboard team for all services related to engineering, build and maintain of mobile networks we truly understand the challenges and are able to deliver them with enhanced time to market for our customers. Converged approach for mobile and wireless aspects assure an efficient and effective delivery to our customers and a hassle free experience in dealing the contextual aspects of permits, authorities and 3rd parties.


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TEC Projects is now GRITT Projects

We recently adopted a new brand lifestyle, becoming part of GRITT. Wait, what’s that?

GRITT is a shiny new network of technical innovators with a sharp eye for people and their talents. As an innovative outsourcing- and project management agency, GRITT will incorporate TEC Projects, ETA, TEC and Logi-technic. It’s why we’re getting a naming update, becoming GRITT Projects.

Good news, that’s all we’ll be changing for now. Our services, people and know-how will stay in place. More updates on GRITT to follow soon.